How to Choose the Proper Flowers for Your Event

Flowers are automatically added to an event when it is about a wedding. How about other
events, then? Flowers can still be incorporated into another kind of event, but those flowers
are ones that should fit into the event’s theme. It would be awkward to put up flowers that
are usually for weddings when you want to hold a product launching. But if you hb-051216-3 take a look at various events that you have attended, attendees usually fail to notice the details about which flowers were used during the event. To give you an idea what kind of flowers you should use for a specific event, here are some tips shared from Chloriss Petals, an online florist in PJ, Malaysia.

Flowers in Season

If you want to be cost effective, always go for flowers that are available in Malaysia. At the
same time, always go for the flowers that are in season. It will be cheaper, and you get to
expand your horizons on how you are going to decorate your flowers for the event. This is
one of the most important aspects of choosing flowers for an event. Take for example if youimg14639 want peonies to be the centerpiece of your event, it is best to move your event during the spring. Usually, the budget for flowers is around 15 percent of your budget. You can still go for flowers that are out of season but expect the prices to be very steep. Look for a chart in Malaysia that shows a diagram which flowers are in full bloom and plentiful during the time that you are going to put up the event.

Color Scheme

Take for example you are putting up a fundraiser for Christmas in the company you are

working at. The flowers that you are thinking about are highly likely those possessing the

colors of reds, gold, silver, green, ivory and much more. This is how you choose the colors of

your flowers as it will suit the theme of your event. Try to think about the date and the

season that you are going to have the event and that will be your basis for choosing the right

color scheme of your flowers. Others are basing it on what the event is all about. Some

events just choose with whatever flowers are available since the theme of the event can go

with any color, like product launching.

The role of the flowers

The flowers should have a role in the event. They are not simply decorations to be placed on the tables or aisles. Are the flowers for a corporate party or a wedding? Keep in mind thatflowers have different roles in each event. Flowers are the highlights of weddings since it keeps up the happiness mood of the guests, while corporate events do not have much hb-131216-5significance placed on flowers, which is why they are less emphasized on the latter. It isimportant that you decide the role the flowers must play, or you can ask the online florist in Petaling Jaya Malaysia to provide you an idea for this.

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